Opportunity Blends – Again

It’s always nice when you’re down to the end of your rested roasts, and have the gracious chance to combine, and voila, lovely brew. Well, this morning, I had a moderately rested Tanzania Songea and some well rested Guatemala Maya Ixil. The proportions were about 2/3 Tanz, 1/3 Guate. Ground, brewed in a Chemex. Wonderful! The chocolately Tanz melded well with the finer notes of the Guate coming through, especially as it cooled.  Great stuff!

Solo Deo Gloria,


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One Response to Opportunity Blends – Again

  1. Gerald says:

    That does sound great! Unfortunately, I don’t have either coffee so I can’t give it a try. I’ve about run out of roasted coffee myself and with another spell of cold weather coming, I need to choose something and get it roasted.

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