GTD, Moleskines and the Harvard Planner

I’ve been pondering organizing life of late. After stumbling on 43Folders and the HipsterPDA, I started reading “Getting Things Done”, listening to the occasional podcast from 43folders, etc. Many have written about using a Moleskine to manage life, implement GTD, etc. For me, though, a moleskine is not the penultimate of my time-management system. I’m constantly in contact with my trusty Lee Valley Portable Office, containing a nice logbook/journal and a Harvard Elite Planner, so a moleskine doesn’t quite make sense. Sure, there’s great flexibility in the small, blank pages. They do great for many things, but running my life – it’s a difficult thing for me to fit therein. So, now, with the new year upon us, I’m pondering how to implement GTD with the Harvard system, with it’s own suggestions.

If you follow the most recent link above, you can see the two-page per week that the Executive Elite has. What you have is a 7a-6p 7 day calendar on the left with a open list on the right page. One of the things I’m doing with the Moleskine is tracking todo items with a system I found from <a href=””>Dave</a&gt;. It involves a small, midline horizontal line to the left of each item, signifying an ‘open’ item. Form a triangle with a dot over the base (centered) = data point. A right arrow is waiting, left – deferred. So, I’m starting to incorporate this into the Harvard. But the complexity lies in that every to do point on the right page has a series of columns that can be used for scheduling on the calendar. But anyway, it’s a work in progress. More later, as I figure it out. Redeem the time!

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