Puritan’s Thoughts – from the Valley of Vision

One of my favorite devotional tools is the Valley of Vision, a collection of thoughts, meditations and prayers from various Puritans.  What I read today is this one, “Christ Alone”.  Read the entire passage, but here’s the portion that resonated deeply within my heart:

“Here, it is my duty

to be as Christ in this world,

to do what he would do,

to live as he would live,

to walk in love and meekness;

then he would be known,

then would I have peace in death.”

I do not understand this legalistically, that this is what I have to do to find peace in death.  But that what is described is what is normative for a believer, for the believer’s assurance.  It serves well to be a corrective to me, when my heart is distracted by life, society, work, coffee, etc.  My focus should be, and can be, in the face of all these things, Christ Alone.

To read daily, visit the Banner of Truth site, and there’s a link at the top to a daily reading.  Sorry, no direct feed, a la RSS.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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3 Responses to Puritan’s Thoughts – from the Valley of Vision

  1. Gerald says:

    I visited the Banner of Truth website thinking I might get two copies of the “Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers” but I was $1.00 short of getting free shipping. Trying to find another book to get on that website was exasperating. Kept getting internal server errors and page expired messages. Bookstore also seems to be limited in the number of authors available.

    But I’ll keep trying. My sister-in-law and I talked about getting that book several months ago. We both want it, but I think we’ve put it aside for the time being. Would make a nice Christmas gift for her, though.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Steve Kozak says:

    Disciples of priests would literally follow them around and do everything the priests did. Even to the bathroom. This was to learn and be exactly like the priest. Christ is our high priest. To truly know him and love him, is to follow him around everywhere; even to the bathroom. The more we know him the greater sense of peace comes over us. That peace actually turns into excitement as we get older. Excited to finally meet our Lord. Not so much a legalistic list of things to do, but a crazy infatuation and love for the one that gives eternal life.

  3. javajeb says:

    Thanks for the comment and dropping by. I like your idea of being a follower of Christ everywhere – a sort of synopsis of Kuyper’s Stone Lectures in 1898, which you can read here.

    I glanced at your blogger profile. Where are you studying?

    Grace & Peace,

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