He’s Here – We’re Even

Well, last week, the day before Thanksgiving, son #2 arrived, bringing kinder total to 4. And what a Thanksgiving it was, to remember and see God’s work and provision (much that I won’t relate here). But mommy and boy are well. Here, he’s sunbathing to fight a bit of jaundice.  A bigger version lives here, for now.  And the wonderful cap is knitted by ladies of the community and given to the hospital for the newborns.  The care at the hospital, not just the cap, was impeccible as well.

So, the wait is over and glad tidings are here!


Solo Deo Gloria,


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21 Responses to He’s Here – We’re Even

  1. T. Chris says:



    I really liked the Indian Monsooned.

    When you say “processed” what does that mean?

    BTW, how many TBS. of coffee do you use per cup of water?

    Merry Christmas to your family too.


  2. javajeb says:

    Processed the whole coffee cherry, removing all the stuff you don’t want (either with or without water) and drying.

    As for Tbs, I shoot for 2 Tbs/5 oz water, but don’t faithfully measure.


  3. javajeb says:

    Chris – here’s a wikipedia article that’s a little clearer than I was.


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