Roasting Clinic Afterword

Well, the roasting and brewing clinic seemed to go over well. I had handouts, as indicated, from the treasure trove of SM’s site. I pulled and printed the Roasting Basics Info Sheet, the Air Popper Roasting tip sheet, the cooling and roasted storage articles. I also had on hand, my own color printout of the Pictorial Roast Guide, v2. For brewing, I added in the sheets on Vac Pot (Cona), FP, and Chemex.

We started out with some preliminary information about roasting, greens, roasters, chaff, etc. Then, I grabbed a Mexico Organic Oaxaca from the shelf and started roasting in the Popcorn Pumper. They all had a look at the speed of rotation, to get an idea of what their roasts should look like. We listened for cracks, dumped and cooled. Then, each of the couples took a try.

After the Oaxaca, we roasted a Java WP Decaf into second. That gave them the opportunity to hear the difference between 1st and 2nd crack, as well as the differences between regular and decaf greens.

Afterward, we went up and had dinner, followed by a Chemex and a Vac Pot of the decaf. I didn’t get to the FP, because of time, and opted to abstain from it since one couple already uses one. They were easily noting the differences between the Vac and the Chemex. The Vac, as usual, was fun to watch, and the 60+ year old brewer worked quite well. And each couple left with two bags of beans, regular and decaf.

I don’t know that I converted anyone to homeroasting, but they did realize the difference fresh coffee makes.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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    Ah, you do have quite a collection then. Just wait until you get your Mazzer Kony and a HX machine! You can be content at last. 🙂

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