Roasting Clinic

Well, the first Javajeb Roasting Clinic has been established. Hopefully, this Saturday afternoon, a couple of gents from church will bounce over and we’ll roast up some java. Here’s my planned layout:

1. Grab some materials from SM’s vast holdings and print a few out for reference.

2. Select two beans, with enough for three roasts each. One will be decaf for immediate consumption, on regular for later use by the attendees.

3. Brew the decaf in three different devices. I’m thinking French Press, Vacuum Pot, and Chemex. Those are the easiest, most approachable and inexpensive ways to get a good cup. I also have a Moka Pot and ibrik, but have yet to master either.

As for #1, I’m thinking a brew sheet for each device and a roaster guide for a popper.

Thoughts on other things? pictorial roast degree chart? et cetera?


Solo Deo Gloria,



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6 Responses to Roasting Clinic

  1. T. Chris says:

    What will you use to roast the beans?

  2. javajeb says:

    A Popcorn Pumper, rated at 1250 watts. My West Bend Poppery has a broken heating element now, and is yet to be fixed. But I want to go ahead and split wire the puppy as well. More info on that is here

  3. Gerald says:

    Jason, I tried to post a comment yesterday but managed to touch an unforgiving key and the whole thing disappeared into cyberspace. 😦

    And I saw that you tried to ask for ideas from the homeroast list, but your post got swallowed up in a flame war and was lost. (Well, I think Eddie finally said something about going ahead with the roasted bean pictorial.)

    Anyway, my lost letter didn’t have much to offer. I wondered if you had ever tried HG/Stainless steel bowl roasting or any other roasting method besides your poppers. If so, those methods might be good to include in any future clinics you might put on.

    The popper is a great way to introduce someone to home roasting, though. Very easy and very inexpensive. What’s not to like about that? 🙂

    Good luck tomorrow! I hope it goes well. I’m thinking that your clinic idea might be a way for me to get someone around here to take up this hobby. It would be nice to have someone local to compare notes.

  4. Gerald says:

    So, how did the clinic go?

  5. javajeb says:

    It went very well. I’ll post more later.


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