The Yellow Icatu

Gerald had asked me what I thought of the Yellow Icatu.  I had it over the weekend, on the road, ground in the Zass knee mill and brewed in my SS French Press.  The flavor was initially a bit wilder, almost grassy, but not quite there.  As it cooled, there was a smooth richness that I couldn’t name.  But reading Tom’s comments, I think I nailed it.  His words work well where mine fail me:

But this Yellow Icatu cultivar was a different story. It is all about nuts and chocolate here, qualities that remind one of dry-processed Brasils. From dry fragrance through aftertaste, it is milk chocolate and almond-hazelnut flavors with a striking sweet-bittersweet alternating character. I prefered FC to FC+ roast to bring out these qualities, and while they are dependent on this level of roast, my C+ roast had them in abundance too. It’s more of a rustic cup than the brighter Carmo de Minas offerings, and I find fruited (apple) hints in the cup, turning rustic and rooty in the aftertaste. Perhaps it is this rustic side, paired with above average body, that makes me think of a really good natural Brasil coffee.

Tom Owen, owner of Sweet Marias, from here.

Enjoy the coffee.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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  1. Gerald says:

    That does sound like a coffee I would like to try! I also need to try the Yellow Bourbon since Les says it’s the best coffee from Brazil that Tom has offered in years.

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