I recently picked up another journal, this time for my wife. It wasn’t one I had intended, that was a Clairfontaine, but I grabbed a one. It’s a whopper, holding about 300 pages. It’s actually a bit bigger than the ESV Journaling Bible. I’ve been getting her a notebook for each pregnancy. It started with the first, as a way for her to record all the feelings and things-normally-forgotten. Now, they’ve changed into future, to-be-filled gifts for each child at some point in the future. So, they are a work in progress, an investment.

And I also received a replacement Moleskine from the good folks at Modo e Modo. The Moleskine has become an indispensable part of my life – always there, a source of remembrance for someone who forgets. It’s a place to record the kernel of ideas, a queue of sorts. And most recently, a place to record prayers. They are worth their price, for certain.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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