Instant Gratification

Homeroasting has some definite benefits: when you need coffee, you have it.  Last night, some significant thunderstorms kept me indoors, so I couldn’t replenish my stash.  So, the morning task was to roast a bean that stood up well to a short rest, so I grabbed some Zambia Lupili Estate.  There’s something about many of the Central African beans – they do so well on short rests, like the perennial favorite – Uganda Bugisu.

I  took a batch of Zambia to just shy of 2nd, a good Full City (a 12 or 13 on this chart), ground about 30 minutes later, and brewed in the Chemex.  Wonderful!  Smooth, nutty and slightly sweet.  Good coffee for an instantaneous gratification.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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2 Responses to Instant Gratification

  1. Gerald says:

    Uganda Bugisu–a perennial favorite? And Zambia Lupili? I had to check to make sure that really was a coffee! 🙂 Jason, as soon as my stash of greens gets small enough that I can justify ordering more, I’m going to ask you to recommend some of your favorites. I may be getting into a rut here or something. I’ve got five Ethiopians and three Kenyans and two Costa Ricans as well as a few others from Brazil and Guatemala, etc. But I’ve not yet been daring enough to order beans from Zambia or Uganda or Rwanda!

    If I’m digging myself a rut, I’d better break out of it before I get too set in my ways. 🙂 I may be missing out on some good coffees.

    Seriously, though, you have really expanded my horizons as far as the coffee world goes. Before reading your posts, I spent very little time considering such coffees—to the point that I didn’t even know we had a coffee from Zambia! 🙂
    I must watch that!

    Deep in a rut, but willing to break out;

  2. javajeb says:

    Yes, I always seem to fall on an African coffee for a staple, at least for a while now. Initially, I was hammered by Sumatra and fell in love with it (a freshly roasted Sumatra was why I started homeroasting). The spectrum of flavors is incredible – from Kenya to Ethiopia and down to Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe. I’ll have to check on the last one, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had them all. The centrals, aside from Kenyas, seem to do wonderfully on short rests, provide great and interesting flavor, and are truly pleasing coffees.

    So, sure, ask away when you’re ready to order again. I’m honored that you’re finding coffee encouragement here. Hopefully, they’ll be other forms of encouragement provided as well.

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