In a house with three small children, life is always interesting.  From finding time to read scripture and pray, to feeding them and yourself, and making coffee and lunch, it’s always short on time.  Today’s brew, selected from my remaining pint jars roasted on the 15th, the Kenya Auction Lot 705 – Gaturine Peaberry called out.  Four days, I thought, should give it a good cup.  To boost the performance, I brewed in the Chemex.  Quite nice.  A smooth, but slightly sharp brew, with all the hints of a good Kenyan.  It was roasted to a Full City without any 2nd cracks.  A nice chestnut color, sharp and sweet taste.

In a workshop at church, the men have been working on developing spiritual disciplines.  Things you likely did in college, but lost the time once life kicked into full gear.  You know – reading your Bible, praying, etc.  Regularly.  And throw in some scripture memory to boot (in a future post I may have to write about a system I used in the dark ages, but am working on pulling back out – it rocks for memorization).  Not trying to be overly legalistic in any of this, I yet have to offer M’Cheyne’s as one of the best.  It’s a lot, and most of us aren’t accustomed to reading much at a setting.  But it gives you a wonderful exposure to God’s word. You end up going through all of the Bible, plus the New Testament and Psalms twice.  On average, in four chapters per day, designed for public and private reading, but you could easily adapt it to your desires and schedule.  It seems that the folks at Crossway Books use M’Cheyne as the basis for the reading plan in the ESV Journaling Bible.  Picking up one would hopefully encourage you to engage with God’s word even deeper, offering space for notes, observations, etc.  A sort of record of your thoughts for the future.  Whatever you do, see if you can find time for God’s word and a great cup of coffee daily.  It’ll be good for your soul.
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  1. javajeb says:

    No, hadn’t seen that one, but I’ve seen/read many like it. Pretty much the standard for 17-19th Century underdstanding, it seems.

    Thanks for sharing!

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