Well, if I want coffee tomorrow, I’ll have to roast tonight.  Down to almost nothing, save for some scorched Mexico Oaxaca that needs to go to the compost heap.  I’ll certainly have to roast some Uganda, since it works so well on a short rest.  But I’ll have to revisit the Mexico at City.  The hints of a raw honey/honey comb were way to tantalizing to pass up.  Maybe even a two roast, City and Full City melange.  As for the rest, probably some Ethiopian Green Stripe, maybe a Kenya and probably a Columbia (I may share with the men of the church on Sunday afternoon).  With that, suggestions for prepping coffee for about 20 men?

Solo Deo Gloria,



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4 Responses to Roasting

  1. Gerald says:

    For 20 men? Meaning at least 40 cups of coffee? Sorry, Jason, but you’re on your own! 🙂

    By the way, the test was positive! Guess we will be visiting her doctor soon to find out for sure.


  2. Tim TenClay says:

    For what it’s worth, the Oaxaca…it’s good right out of the roaster! My suggestion: Roast it to the point where you’re JUST starting 2nd crack. Right when it’s smokey, but before you get that rolling rice-crispy sound.


    Grace and Peace,

  3. javajeb says:

    Gerald – Congratulations! Hope all goes well. I’m thinking of taking my 50 oz Chemex. A couple of rounds with it would make about enough – all don’t drink the bean.

    Tim- thanks fo rthe Oaxaca tip. I’ve had it at about that point, my usual, and you’re right – it’s great. The city is quite interesting with rest as well. I’ll probably be taking some Colombia Narino tomorrow.

    Grace & Peace,

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