Wokking, Part 3

Thanks to Gerald, I intermingled the diffuser, a tee-pee type device and then the wok, with a gas flame below everything. With between 1/4 and 1/2 pound of Uganda Orgainic Bugisu, I roasted it to 2nd crack, with significantly fewer scorched beans. The Uganda, which seems to work well with short rests, was quite nice this morning in the Chemex, without any heaviness associated with the burnt beans. My deduction with the taste was that the damage, while visible, wasn’t deep. My deduction now, after two roasts in close proximity, is that I need more control on the heat. With a thinner wok, as mine seems to be, a slower ramp may be beneficial. However, I don’t know if my arm would sustain the work. Thankfully, I’m still ever-nearing the Q Roaster, if I can muster the time between a dresser/baby changing station drawer rebuild, a desk refinishing, fall yard work, family, preaching, etc.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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