Wokking, Part 2

Well, I had the opportunity, and was I glad I used the Mexico Oaxaca rather than the Ethiopian Green Stripe.  The wok’s too thin and I had numerous burnt beans.  I need to pick through them – haven’t yet.  I may grab a photo, but the decision is this: I need to try a cast iron pan/pot for this style of roasting.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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3 Responses to Wokking, Part 2

  1. Gerald says:

    Hello Jason!

    The first two coffee roasts I did were in a wok, and in fact, the best coffee I’ve ever had was from a wok roast–Honduras Fabio Caballero. I’d still be wok roasting if it weren’t for the fact that it smoked up our house so strongly (almost said “badly”, it definitely wasn’t a bad smell, though). Smell lasted a VERY long time, too.

    Rick Copple, and I think Brett Mason, are two big wok roasters. One of the things I learned from them that you might try is to put a cast iron pan beneath your wok to act as a heat diffuser. I’d also go to the archives on Sweet Maria’s home roast list and read Rick Copple’s long posts on wok roasting. If you can’t find it, I think I have it on disc around here somewhere. It helped me a lot when I was roasting in a wok.

  2. javajeb says:

    I have a heat diffuser that came with the wok, but I’m not suer of it’s composition. Maybe I’ll give that a whirl before giving up.


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