Roasting Plans Foiled!

Last night, I was aspiring to wok roast some Ethiopian Harar Horse – Green Stripe on the grill side burner after I finished grilling dinner. But amidst the cooking, rain descended from the clouds, a sight not seen on my back deck since early July, save for a teasing about a week ago. So, I had to retreat to the workshop and use the trusty popper. I need to finish my grill roaster, which I was able to work on a bit last night. Also, I must re-wire the heating coil on my WB PI.

This morning, my java was a well rested Sumatra Organic – Gayo Mountain. It wasn’t quite enough to make my standard Chemex worth. So I added a bit of one of last night’s roasts – Mexico Organic Oaxaca – Finco El Olivo. I was just noticing a wonder syrupy smooth drink, which is probably thanks to the Sumatra. I doubt that the Mexican had developed enough flavor to detect amongst the majority party Sumatra. But nice it was, especially walking out to a morning balmy, which is normal, but to wetness, which hasn’t been for a while. In fact, the weeds had finally died over the weekend, and the Tulip Poplars and Dogwoods had already gone dormant. The small joys of God’s grace in rain and fine coffee.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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