Pen and Paper – not PC

Amy Wink at Inside Higher Ed :: Going Solo, (via Notebooksim) writes about what I’ve found to be true, but revealed through different circumstances. I’ve found, for quite some time now, that to compose anything with significance, with efficiency, I turn to pen and paper. That is how I write all my sermons and Sunday School lessons. The tangibleness of pen and paper, connecting ideas through ink, reveal more, engage synapses more efficiently than a keyboard and screen ever could. I know that I’m not “digital native“; I’m actually more of a dinosaur, albeit a young-ish one. So, a computer for writing is not an efficient tool. My college years did not feature computers heavily; they were there and I used them, but much in the same way I do today – to have a presentable final copy.

I can remember one essay I tried to work with on screen. I hated it. I printed every copy for further editing, to edit the source, only to be printed again. To edit on screen introduces all sorts of distractions, from font selection for readability and beauty, to features you discover and commence to examine. There’s too much. So now, my greatest fear of loss of anything I’ve written is fire, flood or physical theft, not a crashed drive, corrupted system. My primary copy is always tangible. I’ve been through enough computer transitions, with and without platform changes, to know that transfers almost never happen flawlessly. And who is to say that in 20 years, a file from Windows XP/Mac OS X/Linux will be readable by anything? Even ASCII text. So, for me and my house, I write on paper.

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