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I was reminded of a few things today.  First off, preaching this morning.  God’s grace is always evident there.  No matter how porrly I seem to estimate, the Holy Spirit is always at work.  I spoke with our pastor later (he was away) and his standard question commenced my ponderings: “Did you find freedom this morning?”  It is an odd question to many, but if you’ve ever stepped into a pulpit, or stood to teach, you find a resonnance in it.  And as I ruminated over things, I was struck how deeply small things impact your estimation of things.  For instance, a small word, simple statement, a look – all convey a certain understanding, a certain appreciation and agreement, and, above all, an evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit.

And to java, someone on the homeroasters list mentioned soemone having a far off look of mystery and appreciation as he recollected a bean.  Part of what I preached about this morning centered on God’s bounty and provision.  It is easy, in a highly consumeristic culture, to be divorced from the actual produce of the field.  Homeroasting coffee seems to take me a bit closer, drinking and roasting what is seasonal for a particular place.  Sort of round the world coffee, taking only what is freshest.  Well, I also had to freshen up my stash, ordering:

Colombia Narino – Reserva Del Patron
Mexico Organic Oaxaca -Finca El Olivo
Uganda Organic Bugisu
Sumatra Organic Gayo Mountain
Ethiopia Harar Horse -Green Stripe
It will be nice once Harvey arrives, having something new to try.  Seems like I’ve only had Brazil’s and Kenya’s for a while.  But who can complain with fresh roast of any kind!  And it’s all from God’s hand.  Thank you!

Solo Deo Gloria,



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3 Responses to Java & Grace

  1. Tim says:

    Enjoy your new beans – I particular like the Oaxaca; They’re good right out of the roast without even the sniff of rest. Of course, they’re good with a rest too, but I like the occasional bean that does well in a pinch.

    Grace and Peace,

  2. Gerald says:

    Hello again, Jason! I enjoy your blog very much and am always disappointed when I visit and don’t find a new entry. 🙂

    Your post today was interesting to me in a variety of ways. The first thing that interested me is that you substituted for your pastor again on Sunday. I have a friend in our church who often substitutes for our pastor as well. His desire is to be called to another church as their pastor. Last night, he preached before a small church’s search committee in view of a call to that church.

    Anyway, this has made me wonder if you, too, are interested in pastoring your own church someday?

    I also went to the FBC website and was very interested in the way you have it set up, especially that you had notes and verses to prepare church members for that week’s worship. I was delighted by the scripture references that would pop up just by hovering your mouse over the verse reference! I have been asked to set up a website for our church and though I have a brother-in-law who is a computer guru and has offered to help, I may have a question or two for you soon. If you don’t mind, that is.

    And finally, your choice of beans was interesting! I always find it amazing that others can look at the same list of greens from Sweet Marias, yet order beans that I had not even considered. If you find some real winners in that batch, I’d like to hear about it.


  3. javajeb says:

    Kind words and thanks. As for pastoring, from my days in seminary, I have never felt that God has called me to that work. I feel very blessed and wonder at God’s grace that He’s called me to a job that supports my family, to a wonderful town, to a church where, not only am I fed, but I have the opportunity to minster to God’s people. That’s the best mix for me.

    As for the site, I’d be happy to offer any tidbits of help. We’ve just started with this, so it’s new. Drop me a line at your leisure. brookswvatgmaildotcom. Do the translation and you’ll be fine.


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