I’ve dealt with it before: both parents, each once. One while I was in junior high, the other, high school. No matter how many times you encounter it, it’s always chilling, stopping, tear-inducing, at the prospects, no matter how bright, always seem to go though the deepest, darkest valleys. That’s why I found comfort in this. Thank you, Joy, for bringing a bit of joy to a day that, as of right now, isn’t. The prospects aren’t great right now, but that’s not the final word. The patient is determined to fight, which is always good. But to remember that our Lord’s timing is right, that He is the great physician, that He is our sovereign, that is the greatest joy.

Shalom on a dark day.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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One Response to Cancer

  1. Gerald says:

    Jason,I can’t tell from your post who has been diagnosed with cancer. You? A close relative?
    You may not want to reveal that here. Nevertheless, I will be in prayer for you and your family.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you!

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