The Moleskine/Journal Addiction

In “Pens and Paper”, I mentioned my underutilized Moleskine. Last weekend on a trip to the mountains for family reunion, birthday celebrations and genealogy hunting, my little black book was my constant companion – the perfect fit in cargo shorts/pants. It was there to record notes in the library and courthouse, a church – for the sermon, for short interviews with family for genealogy, to a quickly written two-page note on the beauty of the fog, rising between the mountains on Sunday morn.

Since the weekend, I’ve been taking stock of how many journals are in use in our house. Our two oldest children constantly have paper of some sort strung throughout the house. My bride keeps a journal per child, to give them one day. I have the Everyman Journal for genealogy (I’ve just started using it), my Lee Valley Log Book and planner that are always with me and contain sermon notes and manuscripts, genealogy info, project plans, etc. I have two old US Steel log books that belonged to my grandfather I use to track coffee stock and roasts, and another small, seven (I think) pocket ring binder that was my great grandfathers – still unsure what to do with that one.

I feel this affirms what Irish Eyes (via Moleskinerie)said, I can, no longer, travel without my moleskine, or a journal of some sort. And it may be archaic and primitive (via notebookism), but oh, so satisfying!

Solo Deo Gloria,



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