Pens and Paper

I own an all-too-underutilized Moleskine, and recently started lurking around at Moleskinerie and Notebookism. It’s a lovely notebook/journal, quite pleasing to the hand and eye. And recently, on both sites, in addition to the posts on the Moleskines, there have been posts about pens and ink, and quite appropriately, for fine paper would require a more than average instrument of writing, yes? Well, not always.

But, for some time, I’ve considered a wooden pen/pencil set, like these, for wood is, to me, quite pleasing to the touch and eye, far better than the plastic or metal of most pens today.

But today at Notebooksim, I saw these, and they are some fantastic pens and pencils, both form a design perspective and materials. I’m not what I would consider green, but I do find myself increasingly fond of the ethic of the Greatest Generation: waste not and reuse. Recycled wood pens and nice metal – a wonder way to have a beautiful and functional instrument, but a good way to reuse a beautiful resource.

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