“Who’s Afraid…”

they asked, “of Flannery O’Connor?” In the past, I’ve only read her for fun; she was never assigned. I initially found her dark and rather intimidating. But after listening to Mars Hill Audio on her, I was intrigued, I saw more, beyond my now favorite story/quote. Then, those initimable fellows in Moscow write about her. What would they say? How would they react? Well, here’s a snippet:

“Flannery O’Connor is easily the most important and talented and self-consciously Christian short story author of the twentieth century.”

So, I was hooked. I found another article, their estimation of her best. I’m reading through them now. I’ve read, since viewing the article, “The Barber” and “Good Country People”. Still digesting “The Barber”, especially as it stands in relation to the typological nature brought up by Credenda. If you want a baptism by fire, do read “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, you can grab it here. And that’s where my, thus far, favorite quote lies. Look for the last few lines, the next to last statement of the Misfit. In context, it’s quite the line. If I gave it to you, divorced from the story, it wouldn’t work. So, stay the course, plough through and dig up the gems.
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