Family History and Digital Photography

This weekend, I attempted to ‘digitally copy’ some old family photos with our digital camera. First draft is located here. Not very good, but I’m going to use some tips from a friend, and some home engineering to build a 90-degree tripod, based on some plans for a steady-mount. Hopefully soon, I’ll have some better shots. So, here’s the subjects:

The first shot is a photo of my Great Grandmother and Grandfather Brooks, otherwise known as McNeil and Sallie Brooks. They are holding, most likely, their two eldest children, Robert Clarence (b1895) and Willie Grace (b 1897) – I’ll need to add specific dates of birth and death later. The rough dating is 1898. The second photo is of Benny Ray Brooks, who died at about 5 years old. He was the son of one of the older sons of McNeil and Sallie, George Brooks. The third photo is the back of the photo of Bennie Ray, listing the family address.

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  1. Dale Winfree says:

    I was nice to finally see McNeil Brooks!!!! I’m going to try and get a friend to copy it for me.Loki

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