Family Stories

They met as a result of Ruby being on a local, Roanoke variety TV show. At the behest of her elder sister, whom she was visiting, she wrote on her card, something to the effect of “I’m looking for a husband”. That landed the nearly 40 year old on stage, an a lady in Big Island, VA noticed her. You see, that lady had a brother named Cliff, I believe, who was not getting any younger and was yet to be married. The details escape me, but they were introduced, and not too much later, they were married.

Since they were both a bit older, they had no children. Instead, they travelled. She was a homemaker, into all sorts of pottery and crafts. In fact, we still have some of her work at home now. He worked at a paper mill, and had seen some fighting in WWII in North Africa. I still remember them both well. They were wonderfully gentle folks, loving and kind. They would occasionally, until Cliff’s death in 1983, come up into the mountains and see my grandparents.

May their eternal rest be even sweeter, kinder, more wonderful than anything ever seen here on earth.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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