God’s Grace and the Proclaimed Word

Preaching is a side ministry of mine. I, on occasion, fill the pulpit at my local church, Faith Bible Fellowship; it’s actually the fulfillment of the calling and vision for ministry I developed while at seminary:

Use my training to support, help, and build up my local congregation as a lay teacher, while working in other areas. FBF is a wonderfully well suited place to fulfill that vision.

Sunday past, I was scheduled to preach. Balancing sermon preparation with all the other demands on life is never easy, so I’ve opted to progress systematically through a book. For some reason, which now, I can’t recall, I chose the book of Isaiah. This Sunday had me at Isaiah 3:13-4:1, which, when you read it, is not the easiest passage to work through. It is filled with cultural pitfalls, offenses, foibles. But, it was next, so I dug in and ploughed through. From comments I’ve received, both first and second-handed, I can only thank God for His grace through this.


Solo Deo Gloria,


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