Sample Genealogical Story Entry

For context, see this.

A sample entry, primarly for Chris, from his comment. The limitations of the computer will not be observed. Limited artwork, based on an even more greatly limited skill, may attempt to adorn the pages. But here’s the fundamental layout:

Dates: Birth – Death
Relationship, with a nod to future generations who may not know the context.

An example, my father:

John Edward Brooks
October 27, 1943 – January 20, 2004
Husband of BB, father to Jason and Aunt J

If anything else comes to mind, let me know folks.

Solo Deo Gloria,

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2 Responses to Sample Genealogical Story Entry

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps a picture, although I’m not sure the format you’re using. Are you planning to include any anecdotes about that person, if available?


  2. javajeb says:

    In the hard copy, yes, anecdotes, stories, etc. The idea is to build a history of the family to pass on to children, grand children, etc.

    Pictures. Interesting. Don’t know about that, or how to go with it. Maybe a nice archival quality photo album, paginated, with cross-references. And maybe a critical apparatus to record variances of the story. Who knows? We’ll see.

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