Espresso and Contentment

It’s likely been a few months since my last shot – shot of espresso, that is. With a crazy morning schedule during the week, and other responsibilities on Sunday, a hand-crank Zass and espresso just don’t fit with my life – at least not right now. But with this hiatus, I have found great contentment.

Espresso seems to always demand an upgrade, like an addict, always looking for the elusive god shot. And once you find on, say a Sylvia, it’s time to move on to some other machine where you can get more consistent god shots, like a Fiorenzatto Bricoletta. But now, I enjoy consistently good brews from by trusty Bodum Chambourd, 32 ounce French Press or my vintage Cory Vacuum Pot (that’s not mine in the pic, but it’s just like it). And tomorrow, I should have a Chemex to add to the arsenal that also includes an Ibrik, and a mokapot. Add to that a few auto-drip disasters and a travel Columbia Press and I have an arsenal that will give me some great brews.

This is in no way meant to slam CG, espresso folks, or upgraders. I admire all those out there who stretch the art and science of coffee. Even though I don’t drink espresso, I still haunt the Buy/Sell boards at CG to see what itches folks are scratchin. But espresso isn’t banned from my home; rather, I do, on occasion, fire up my machine, but that’s pretty rare. Nevertheless, I am enjoying some great coffee anyway and finding contentment in the simplicity of other brews.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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