New Book, Done Book, Other Books

Well, the captivating new book was completed Friday last. Graham’s style is pleasing, and his capicity for raising questions without overcomplication serves well to keep the reader engaged. It was a joy to read. Now that it is finished, I only have to wait another year for volume 4 of the Binding of the Blade.

With that completed, I’m onto other books. The newest one I’ve started is Talking of Dragons by William Chad Newsome. I’ve only just started, but I am quite engaged. His arguments, still developing at my current pace, regarding truth and beauty in writing, whether inside or outside of the bounds of Christendom, should be the engagement of all Christians. And his contention that of all people, Christians, as people of the book, should be the most avid readers of what is good, true and beautiful. Sadly, I doubt that is the case. One thing to note, that is definitely worth the book price are his applications at the end of each chapter, applications that engage the family in reading, discovering, and enjoying God’s word and His truth.

Maybe more Talking of Dragons later. But for now, I’m trying to re-pour over Fairbairn’s classic, The Interpretation of Prophecy. Sounds pretty dry, I know. But, on good authority, I trust that it’s the best resource for understanding Prophetic literature in scripture. I simply need to apply myself to digest this tome. And pray that it will aid in my exposition of Isaiah, next installment to appear in June, on Isaiah 3.

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