Marriage Made in Heaven?

One of the blogs I try to hit every day or two is the ESV Bible Blog, the official blog of the English Standard Version. Between my wife and I, we have three copies: two of their Compact Tru Tone and one Deluxe Reference Edition.

While on a business trip earlier this year, I picked up a Moleskine notebook, one of the pocket ruled ones. Well, today, the ESV Blog reported that this fall, the two will be married. For me, this could solve the issue of taking notes with scripture, whether during a sermon, during study, during quiet time. Right now, I use a Lee Valley Portable Office with the LV LogBook. It is, itself, wonderful, especially for me when preparing sermons. It affords me a bit of time redemption, for I can look over my notes regardless of where I am: it is also my datebook. But the facility of having a single volume to carry, and having the ability to take notes, all in an attractive format, is wonderful.

I just wonder about the paper weight. Traditional Bible paper is so thin, it is a difficult surface on which to take notes. That, and the accordion pocket on the back. Can’t wait to see.

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2 Responses to Marriage Made in Heaven?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks JavaJeb, that is very intriguing. I may start taking notes in my bible again. I hope you are well. I stumbled on your site when I saw you over on Barlowfarms.

    Travis Larson

  2. javajeb says:

    It’s something to wait for. My hope and vision is to start using this as a means of maintaining those notes. That’s what my Lee Valley setup does now. But all in one place, like book outlines, would rock.


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