Opportunity Blend #536

One of the great adventures in life, and this is particularly true in homeroasting, are the unexpected pleasantries: just when you think all hope is lost, just when your estimations make you want to retreat, it happens. A glimpse of the grace of God on earth. When you homeroast, you inevitably end up with particularly small portions of a bean, leftovers. When you end up with several, you throw them into the roaster, in a sort of homage to a bygone era when folks cooked their meals like this. Well, Sunday evening, I had the opportunity to have an opportunity blend: a roughly 50/50 pre-roast blend of Brazil Sul de Minas Yellow Bourbon and Peru Organic Norte (you’ll have to search each of the two pages for the review – no direct link). Rested it for about 84 hours, ground in the Zass and pressed this morning. I may not have had enough beans in the press, or else it was a non-event. But regardless, finding joy and excitement in the taste, in the experience, finding the wonder akin to a child on Christmas morn. It was worth it.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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