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One of my favorite blogs to read now is Common Grounds Online. The variety of contributors is the strength of the site. Recently, when I saw this post, Wyman Richards Confesses, I was thenceforth exposed to a new site, one that seems to promise a great wealth of riches, to one who falls into the Reformed camp. That site, Communio Sanctorum, offers this quip from April 14th, Epistemic Hault:

“Man with all his shrewdness is as stupid about understanding by himself the mysteries of God, as an ass is incapable of understanding musical harmony”
Jean Calvin (1509-1564)

Not many will admit to this understanding, this opinion of man – seated high on the throne of self-understanding and self-supremacy. Reading and studying Isaiah for preaching has shown me that there is a great gulf fixed between the LORD Almighty and I. For a clearer exposition of this idea, see Geerhardus Vos, “Some Doctrinal Features of the Early Prophecies of Isaiah” (Warning – PDF Ahead).

Still in Chapter 2 of Isaiah. Preaching this Sunday. Pray for me, I pray thee.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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