If you are a bookish one, and have yet to find a spouse, I pray that you will either find a bookish spouse to match, or at least someone who is sympathetic to booksihness. As for me, almost nine years ago, I stood before friends, family, and others and pledged my love and covenantal vows to my wife, a very bookish woman. And when two bookish folk marry, the booksellers rejoice!

I recall our first move to St Louis to attend Seminary. My wife was not at home the day some church family and I packed the truck. I remember someone almost fracturing their spine when they picked up a tote similar in size to this one that was filled with children’s books. You see, though just married a year earlier, we were fresh out of college and my wife, though we had yet to produce children, was an elementary educator and had already amassed an army of children’s literature.

Now, our own children have an even larger mass of literature from which to read. Minus the childrens’ books, we were able to overfill about 100′ of shelving in our home the week or so after we moved in. We are now looking for additional space for our books. They are family, precious, too precious to be rid of, so keep them we must!

The blessings and curses of being bookish… But the reason for writing this post is to proclaim the glories of librarything. For free, you can add up to 200 volumes. From that, you can export to a file with which you may do as you wish. Also, you can upgrade to a paid account for larger storage capacity. And adding a volume is as easy as searching on Amazon – it imports the record from Amazon to compelete the technical data on the volume. If Amazon doesn’t list it (and that does happen), the Library of Congress is always a safe bet.

Solo Deo Gloria,



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3 Responses to Bookishness

  1. your wife says:

    Thanks for the smile and for understanding when I find a book that I can’t put down 😉

  2. i offer a few pdf books that are in the public domain on my blog if that is a format that you can tolerate, not everyone can. Just to let you know, from one bibliophile to another 🙂

  3. Ariel says:

    Good call on bookish people marrying each other. I’m happy to say that my wife has succumbed to bookishness since we got married. Our first short story slam was a heart-warming event. I like the books & coffee theme here. Nice work.–>

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