Establishment and Inclusivity

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the entire multicultural, inclusive ideologies that permeate our culture. So much of life is defined in exclusive terms, ideas. And when it comes to a matter of faith, exclusion is essential. As a Presbyterian ‘out of bounds’, membership is staked on whether or not you have a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s a binary choice, not for a fence-sitter. But now, for our brothers in the Chaplaincy of the US Armed Forces, they are allegedly being pushed to avoid offense by not mentioning the name of Jesus Christ when praying. It seems, from the article, it may be a systematic affair.

Violation of one’s conscience has traditionally been viewed as sin, since one would refuse to do what is right (this is true where there is a matter of adiaphora – incidentals, not essentials). To waffle here would put the chaplians nearly in the position of the church at Laodocia in the book of Revelation. My prayers are with those standing firm, refusing to bend the knee to a dictate that would cause them to sin and become lukewarm.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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