The Doctrine of the Trinity

In McGrath’s “Theology: The Basics”, chapter 6 is Trinity. Below is a brief outline of the subject:

  1. Historical Development of the Doctrine of the Trinity
  2. A. God the Father
    Deity recognized & established during the OT period
    B. God the Son
    Revealed in OT, but not clearly
    Revealed fully in NT as the the Son of God
    Deity ‘established’ by early church
    C. God the Holy Spirit
    Revealed in OT & NT, but not clearly
    Activity realized in early church
    Divinity ‘established’ by Early Church Fathers ca 4th century

  3. Trinity and the Holy Spirit
  4. A. Images of the Spirit of God
    Affirmation – John 4:24
    B. Wind – ruach
    The Red Sea Exodus 14:21
    Judgement Isaiah 40:7
    Destroying Pride various
    Refreshment Hosea 6:3
    C. Breath – ruach
    Creation breathing into Adam
    Prophecy Dry Bones
    In Creation various
    D. Charism & the Prophetic Office
    E. Divinity Question regarding the Holy Spirit

  5. Trinity as Naming God – Robert Jenson
  6. Barth
  7. Barth’s doctrine of the Trinity, as far as it is represented by McGrath, centers on the idea that the knowledge of God the Father and God the Son is predicated on the activity of God the Holy Spirit.

    We shall try to make sense of that Sunday.

    Solo Deo Gloria,


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