From Natural Theology to Jesus

Thanks to a friend, we are going to try and finish up McGrath’s chapter on Creation, dealing with Natural Theology, rather quickly and then moving on to Jesus.

The background for much of the Jesus chapter is anchored in controversies that spanned the fourth and fifth centuries and involved both the Eastern and Western church. In fact, it is the first ‘installment’ of what would lead to the Great Schism of 1054. Here’s the general background and a summary of the Definition of Chalcedon. For even more information that you could ever want to know, you have the Medieval Sourcebook on the Council of Chalcedon.

With that ‘background’, we’ll stick to the outline provided by McGrath, but I’ll most likely use different material. Here’s a snapshot:

  1. The Names of Jesus in the Scriptures
  2. Messiah
    Three-Fold Office:


    Son of God
    Son of Man

  3. Jesus…
  4. Savior of mankind
    To be Worshipped
    Reveals the Father
    Mediates between God and Man

  5. Chalcedonian Definition
  6. hypostasis

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