Creation. A big subject. But that’s what we’re to examine in class this Sunday. From McGrath’s “Basic Theology”, chapter 3.

Suggested Reading: Genesis 1-3; Job 38-42.
Timaeus by Plato


  1. Creation in the Old Testament
  2. Idea of ordering chaos, tohu va vohu
    Creation ex nihlo
    Contra Gnosticism and Dualism

  3. Doctrine of Creation
  4. Temptation to merge creation and creator
    “Critically world-affirming spirituality”
    Affirms God’s authority over the world
    Affirms goodness of creation – tov meod
    Not perfect: sin, evil and death as signets of the fallenness of creation, Romans 8:22-23
    Problem of evil

  5. Models of God as Creator
  6. Emanation – Positive v Negative
    Construction – Positive v Negative
    Artistic Expression – Positive v Negative

  7. Natural Theology
  8. The Problem?

  9. Engaging…
  10. The Gallic Confession; Overview
    The Belgic Confession; Overview

Solo Deo Gloria,


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2 Responses to Creation

  1. ed says:

    Must faith and reason be in conflict? Like a tool. Cann’t they be used for what they were designed for and relinquished when we surpass their usefulness. Shurely a screwdriver makes a poor hammer and viceversa. Or am I thinking to utillitarian?

  2. javajeb says:

    I would affirm what you are saying. Faith and reason can be used together, but we must always check our reasonings through the light of scripture. We are fallen, being remade in the image of Christ. Our reason, intellect, hearts and minds all need the sanctifying work of God applied. In sum, carefully, they can be used together and, when that is done, the results are truly beautiful and glorifying to God.

    As for your analogy, you are right. To put it another way, when you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


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