The events of this week have greatly impacted my soul, left me tired, numb, shocked. I have connections, none personal, but connections, nonetheless. That makes this harder to comprehend. For instance, the simple relief to have read “All Accounted For” gave my soul great joy, but always close was an impending despair. Despair because of all those lost, missing, unaccounted for. Helpless. That pretty well sums it up.

So, to that end, we shall go to the mountain this weekend. Despite high gas prices, despite possible lines, we shall go. My soul needs the quiet of my mountain, my former homeplace, my land. It’s been almost a year, and it’s not mine. So, there will be even more emotions with this trip, but I pray that I may find comfort, and not be like Job’s wife, who seeing everything falling around her, gave up. May I learn from his words.

solo gratia
solo deo gloria,

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