Weekend Redux

Started on Saturday morning, with an ever increasingly ritual Saturday morning prayer with a few gents from church at church. Out on the back deck in the muggy cool of the morning – it was a wonderful time. Stopped into a new coffee shop in town and had a cup with the brothers. Very nice place.

Then, late morning, wife and I took the young-uns to meet Ronny at the grand re-opening of our local McDonalds. Number 1 rode her bike in a short parade, number 2 rode a trike, and number three rode daddy’s back – for almost two hours, standing on asphalt, in 90+ degree heat, and 10,000% humidity. Well, maybe not that humid, but it sure felt like it. Afterwards, we go home, lunch, and crash. Out on a few errands.

Sunday morning, 6AM, I am reviewing and finishing up prepping for Sunday School class. A new challenge – teens. First time. I was subbing, teaching from J.M. Boice’s Foundations of the Christian Faith on the first table of the law. I actually thought it went very well, all things considered.

Sunday evening, apple picking at the neighbors, coffee roasting in the shop, and helped the wife make apple butter. Roasted some El Salvador #19 Monte Carlos PB (no longer listed at SM’s), Mexico Oaxaca Pluma – Tres Oros, some Monsooned Malabar and some delicious Guatemala Antigua Peabery Especial. Sunday morning, I went to church with my trusty Nisan-Thermos cup filled with fresh French press Timor Organic Maubesse. Wonderful stuff.

With coffee, life seems just a bit sweeter.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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