Have Coffee, Will Travel

The SM HomeRoasters list is a dangerous list to rad, especially when you are one of them. It’s a group of some of the most ingenious and inventive folks out there with respect to coffee. So, I must admit, I am one of them, but not so inventive. Over the past year or so, I’ve had to do a lot of travelling. I would throw my Bodum Chambourd in the van, some beans in the box, and my trusty Zass 169D. I received that from my co-workers when I left St Louis – it’s very dear to me now.

Well, some time ago, I got tired of the fragility of the Chambourd and purchased a Bodum Colombia. Stainless Steel – good for work, good for travel. Just needed hot water. My inlaws gave me a water kettle, a Rival Hot Pot Express. Now, I am waiting for Tom to get a Zass Knee Mill back in stock, and my travel kit will be complete, save for the case.

Case, you say?? Yes, case. Here’s a rough sketch I’ve worked out.

The dimensions of this configuration are 8″H x 12″D x 18″W. Not too bad for my first plan. I’ll need to get hard numbers first to verify it works. And then, to building. I’m thinking the final product will be made of 3/4″ Oak stock, mostly 12″ wide. Probably will have to join the bottom and top. I’m also thinking of a top and front opening, maybe old-fashioned straps and a leather handle. Antique brass hardware. Thoughts???

Solo Deo Gloria,

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4 Responses to Have Coffee, Will Travel

  1. Gerald says:

    Did this case ever get built, Jason?

    I really like it! Enough so that I think I might try my hand at building one. I think I might go for the leather straps (unless experience has taught you a better method.)

  2. javajeb says:

    No, never have. We bounced the idea around on the list, and with the climate of travel (at least air), it’d be hard to get it through. I’ve traveled with an old LL Bean backpack before, holding what’s above. But with family, I’ve never had the chance to build the case. I have made a prototype frame, but that’s it. Maybe I’ll post as a follow-up what changes I made, at least in my head – if I can find them rattling around.

  3. Gerald says:

    I was thinking more of using it to carry a French press, grinder and beans to a friend’s house (or a relative’s) who have a drip brewer and/or whirly blade grinder.

    It might be easier, though, to buy a stainless steel French press. 🙂

    By the way, comments to these old posts seem to work. They just take a lot longer to “appear”.

  4. javajeb says:

    Given the relative fragility of a standard FP, I’d definitely consider a SS FP for any travel. Now, if I could only find a travel version of a Chemex…

    As for comments, yours have started being dumped to spam, and I have no idea why. I’ll see what I can do.

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