Preaching Postmortem

Yesterday, I preached. It’s frequently a surreal experience, to stand before a crowd of people, to concentrate on the Word, and to see the reaction to you and the Word. Yawning, smiling, nods of acknowledgement, nods of sleepiness, and the stone face. Sleepy heads are a bit unnerving, a bit shaking. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone, setting in an uncomfortable pew, nod off while you, you of all people, are talking. But then, to see someone without reaction, without expression, that is the penultimate of the unnverving. It’s what I would imagine it to be to see a firing squad from the business end – cold, indifferent. But, I am not assigning indifference to those with that expression. In fact, I know one person who usually looks like that, who is very caring and devoted to God. It’s his way of paying close attention, carefully weighing the word. Knowing that, that is a good, but scary thing as well. That reminds me that, when I am up there, a vessel broken and needy, I am communicating the goodness of God to them, life to some, but the aroma of death to others. Then I am totally dependent on the Spirit like no other time.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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