A long time since my last post. Life has gotten a little busier. I spent most of March, it seems, in class for work. I’m not sure what February was. Late January, however, brought us two puppies, brothers, Samson and Charles (Sam and Charlie). They have been the joyful and energetic pups we expected. Today, however, and this is no April Fools, tragedy struck.

Dogs are dogs, and for that I rejoice. They do what dogs do. Charlie, in his fun-loving, energetic inquisitiveness, wandered into a neighbor’s fenced in yard. I don’t know what happened with any precision for recounting, but in the end, Charlie was dead. The neighbor has two large dogs, and they were either playing roughly or were protecting the home, just as dogs are designed to do.

But, even though you graced us for only a short while, Charlie will always be in our hearts.

Charles 21 Dec 2004 – 1 April 2005

Solo Deo Gloria,



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