The Still, Small Quiet Hours

Another hallmark has been passed. Not so good. The day, for me, passed without fanfare, without thought, with only reaction. I was not catatonic, disconnect from the world. Rather, I was fully engaged, mind rolling, thoughts fleeting past. Work was hectic as it frequently is. And, so the day passed without thought to its significance, into the endless series of tomorrows. And for that, I was doubly saddened. Last Thursday was the first anniversary of my dad’s death. It was the outliving of the Mike & the Mechanics song “Living Years“:

“I wasn’t there that morning, when my father passed away. I didn’t get to tell
him, all the things I had to say.”

It’s been a full year since then. New baby – my only son, a new home, new responsibilities – some added for the duration of my life, some added and already relieved. I’ve found joy amid the pain, much like Nehemiah and the Israelites found amid their work. And that is what I keep trying to do, find joy amidst the sorrow, amidst the happiness, the trials, amidst life. I pray that you might too.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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