It is astounding to me, a gen-Xer, brought up with anteBellum practicalities (that is WWII, not the Civil War). But I was struck today at how deeply ephemeral relationships penetrate to my soul. I roast coffee and am on a voluminous list with some great folks. When the wife of an older list-mate posted today that it was likely the last day of her husband’s life, and that he was ready and waiting to meet his Father and God, I was touched. I was deeply, yet quietly, saddened at the thought of loss. After all, tomorrow is the first anniversary of my dad’s passing. But I was also greatly encouraged and joyous at the prospect that this man knows and loves his God. May I have that love and peace when God calls me away.

The love and care keeps puring in for this one and the family. It amazes me how people who are physically unknown to us impact us so greatly.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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