A ristretto – a short espresso, highlighted by a thick, sweet body and heavy crema. A double is about 1.50 to 1.75 ounces. I was quite surprised this morning. My last bit of roastedMNEB Nuggets and no other coffee roasted in the house that contains caffeine. The burrs of my Zass were touching, which usually means a stall for my machine. But, I suppose the beans were just old enough to stand such a tight, fine grind. Quite a few seconds into the pump ignition, I was about to give up, but then, small drops start to fall. So, since I have no more, I wait. It slowly becomes a small, wispy stream, never blonding, thick as honey. Crema for ever. And the taste, magnificent! This is why I love espresso. Recovering from an apparent error is impossible on many other machines/techniques for making coffee. But for espresso, this is proof an occasional error can become beautiful.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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