Christmas and Coffee

This Christmas, I received a shipment of coffee from SM’s a few days before Christmas. 10 pounds, 5 different beans, 2 pounds each. I roasted a 4 variety sampler for a friend to give to her husband for Christmas. After all the joy and busyness of the holiday, I’m just starting to taste the beans now.

The highlight in our house was watching the kids and having the majority of our families here. The two gifts I’d like to highlight are distinctly low tech, analog. One was a new style of organizer/journal to replace my aging DayTimer. It’s from Lee Valley Tools, quite affordable and useful. It’s actually what I used to write my sermon for Sunday. It’ll become my archive of sermons, in fact. I just can’t create text well on a computer, which is immediately ironic.

The other was a hat, and I’ve always loved hats. It’s the Tin Cloth Packer Hat. Looking forward to using it for years. But, if you order one, make sure you check their sizing; it’s a bit different than the norm. I had to send mine back for a different size. Waiting…

On the coffee front, last night I had a great 1/2 caff double ristretto of SM’s Donkey Blend and Indian Pearl Mountain MNEB Nuggets. It was a lot smoother than the Donkey alone, with a great lingering aftertaste. Wonderful! I love java!

Solo Deo Gloria,


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