Preaching and the Holy Spirit

Yesterday, Sunday November 21st, I preached again at our church. The passage was Nehemiah 5. Sometimes, more than others, I am extremely thankful for the work of the Holy Spirit in the act of proclaiming the word. It was one of those Sunday’s, close to an out of body experience. You know, when your mind suddenly goes somewhere else, like making a list of honey-do’s at home you’ve yet to complete, pondering what to have for lunch, how to get out of the situation, etc. It was close to that bad for me, and maybe for the poor folks on the other side. But, were it not for the Holy Spirit’s work, there is no way I could even get up there. I blow it all to frequently; He will handle those situations and bring God glory despite my actions.

For that,
Solo Deo Gloria,
Sola Gratia,


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