I’ve seen a bunch of blogs today on voting. The link is one that started me thinking.
News reports detailing long lines, faulty machines, etc. I want to sing the praises of small town America! This is the first major election since I left Saint Louis, where lines were long. My wife and I went around lunch today. We were there no more than 15 minutes as we rotated in – one staying in the car with the kids, the other voting.

The ballot was simple and elegant (because of its simplicity). There were three Presidential candidates (maybe a fourth?), two running for a Congressional seat, and two state Constitutional Amendments. That’s it!

In Saint Louis, there were a plethora of judges, bond issues, offices I’ve never hear of before or since, and proposals for building bridges. Granted, there are bigger rivers in Saint Louis, but we didn’t have that here. Life in a small town is agreeing with me, despite finding it frustrating to have no open hardware stores within an hour at 4:00 PM on a Saturday afternoon!

Solo Deo Gloria (especially today),


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