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Given the events of this year, I have become more contemplative
regarding family. When you loose someone close, it forces a significant
re-evaluation of many things around you. Just finished putting the kids
down. For those with little ones, you know that bedtime can be
immensely frustrating. Yet, thinking of the brevity of life, and the
ephemeral childhood, I find a bit of joy among the frustrating trips
back to the room. Another hug, another tuck-in, something to put away.
It’s bothersome, interrupting, but it’s a blessing to know you’re
children look to daddy and mommy for help. It will not be long until
mommy and daddy are no longer necessary. Enjoy the necessity of life
while you can!

On other fronts, I’m reading the “Handbook of Christian Apologetics”
with a group at church. I was skeptical at first, but I have been
pleasantly surprised. It is a very stretching book, dealing heavily
with logic and argumentation. Unfortunately, I was not educated in the
traditional classics, so I’m a bit lacking in this department. However,
it is a good exercise. It would have been quite beneficial earlier
though. One of my former co-workers and I used to have good theological
discussions, exchanging ideas, perspectives, understandings. He’s moved
on and I have only sporadic connections now. Maybe it’ll work through
email, but I’m a bit skeptical.

Solo Gratia,

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