Today was not an easy day. Many days go by with sufficient difficulty,
but not noteworthy. So, why write about this day, this Wednesday,
October 27th, 2004? Well, today was supposed to be a day of
celebration, a day that was full of joy for another year of life. But
that was changed last January. To be exact, January 20th. That was the
day when God saw fit to take my father home. To day would have been his
61st birthday.

But, instead of celebration, it was a day of relative sadness. It was a
day to spend the quiet moments in reflection, in remembrance, in
mourning. So, to the memory of my father, I raise my cup. I remember
his quart bottles of PBR, drank down in the hot summer sun while he
labored, building an addition to the house, baling hay, building
something else. I remember the yard, littered with wads of Levi
Garrett, and later, the ‘aroma’ of his Parodi cigars. I remember that
it was he who brought me love of coffee, who taught me to drive, to
learn to shoot a gun. It wasn’t all storybook; there were plenty of
things that I’d rather not remember, and those will not be published here.

So, this day, I lifted my cup to my father. I do the same for others I
know who have lost ones dear this year. Christ promised that His ‘yoke
is easy and burden is light’, but it is not always fun. So, my spirit
takes rest and joy in the presence of Christ, the comfort of the
Comforter. But my flesh finds just a bit of comfort, condolence, sliver
of joy, in my two shots of Puro Sucro. Thank you Tom for such a
wonderful blend, and thank you Dad, for giving me a love for the bean.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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