Tamper, Tamper, Tamper

Instead of a phrase you might use with an agitated child, I’m shifting to
an agitated espresso drinker. Les at Thor Tampers has been an absolutely
wonderful fellow! (to see his work, go to Thor Tampers) He made me an
absolutely beautiful Walnut tamper with a 1941 Walking Liberty half-dollar
set in the handle. Beautiful! It was made for my Magister, which, all in
all, I like.

It’s a Magister Home model, apparently a rebadged Isomac Cappucina (here’s
Isomac’s Cappucina).
It’s not a bad machine, but it has a few QC issues.

To fabricate tamper, I sent Les the coin and my single filter basket.
Being very precise, Les made the gorgeous hunk of wood into a great
tamper, just the right fit. When I received it, packed well I might add,
it wouldn’t fit my double basket. So today, I’ve sent the tamper back to
Les for a shrinking. Hope to be back at ‘full capacity’ soon. I also
hope this is my last ‘new’ espresso machine for the next several years; I
truly want to find contentment in what I have. But if I do upgrade, it’ll
not be from eBay, and it will be a brand I have better support on (like
Expobar from WLL, a Sylvia from SM’s, etc, etc, etc).

On another note, lunch today was a wonderful reading of Noah Adam’s “Far
Appalachia”. I followed the ancient New River from its headwaters in
North Carolina up to Fries, VA. Wonderful break from the insanity of IT!

Solo Deo Gloria,

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