Music and Longing

You know, it is quite poignant, the effect music can have on one’s soul. I’m here, taking a bit of a break from work, sipping some Sippi Falls, and a song comes on my iTunes. It’s Billie Holiday’s “Lover Man.” Now, I have no history with this song, but the great, smooth 40’s Big Band swell at the beginning took me back to my childhood. Now I am not in my 60’s or 70’s, but it’s my childhood with my grandmother, fondly known as Gamma.

Possibly, as I look back, she ex post facto earned that Greek letter from her years of wisdom and knowledge passed down to me. And it’s also the love of Jazz and especially it’s popular incarnation in the 1930’s and 1940’s. It’s especially poignant today because I just signed the deed to sell the land that’s been in my family since 1945. Never have I had such an appreciation of land and personal history, owned history as I do now. The last time I was back there, I found my self noting history about things, like “I helped dad build that fence” or “That’s where Papaw almost slid the tractor over the hill.” It’s a great and deep loss, one I am only beginning to understand…

But I will always have the music in my heart, if no where else.

Sola Gratia,

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