Coffee and Theology

Spent my lunch sipping some less than stellar Yemeni coffee. It’s
definitely not the Java, but, I think, a combination of a cheap brewer at
work and a slight over-roast on my part. A little more rest and tomorrow,
I’ll try the rest in the Gusto.

Also worked a bit on a sermon. The passage was in Nehemiah 4 – dealing
with the opposition Nehemiah and those in Jerusalem had from the Samaritan
Militia. It was uncanny how close this passage parallels, though with
less violence, current and recent events. The call to trust in the
“awesome and powerful” God of heaven is a great comfort!

Sola Gratia,
Sola Java,
Solo Deo Gloria!


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Full time dad and IT guy. Part-time Sunday School teacher. Full-time follower of Christ.
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